St. John is pleased to have started a new program entitled RAISE THE BAR.  Raise the Bar is an exciting new program designed to improve the quality of intramural/houseleague programs across Ontario. Supported by the Ministry of Health Promotion, Raise the Bar will provide schools with resources and assistance in the development of these programs.

 Intramural programs or houseleague programs offer every student, regardless of previous experience, skill level or socio-economic status, the opportunity to become more engaged in the school community through sport and exercise. By their inclusive nature, intramurals provide an even playing field allowing everyone the chance to play on a team and enjoy physical activities that are fun.

When implemented effectively, intramural programs can significantly increase the number of students who become involved in physical activities and therefore more engaged in the school. With the growing co ncern over childhood obesity, intramurals offer additional opportunities for our kids to be active and healthy. Currently, St. John's runs a number of intramural sports such as Floor Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, and Handball.  All sports are run for junior and intermediate grade levels and includes ALL STUDENTS who wish to participate.   


The Raise the Bar school program is designed to dramatically increase the level of physical activity that our students receive through the delivery of quality, comprehensive intramural programs

Inclusive and positive activities help build self esteem in our students.

Intramural programs will increase the level of physical activity and improve the immediate and long-term health of our students.

Intramural programs can play a leading role in Student Success, Safe Schools, Transition to Grade 9 and other school initiatives

Intramurals provide an opportunity for non–athletic students to become involved in sport and physical activity.

Intramural programs will increase the number of students enrolling in health and physical education courses at secondary schools.



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