St. John School Safe For Students

September 11, 2003 - Representatives from the Sudbury Catholic District School Board met with parents and staff of St. John Catholic School in Garson last night to discuss concerns regarding the air quality situation at the school. Gerhard Technical Services Inc., (an independent environmental consultant company) was contracted by the Board to provide an assessment with respect to the health and safety concerns expressed by the parents and staff, specifically the presence of mould and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) levels in the classrooms.

Initial tests conducted by the Gerhard Technical Services Inc. indicated that the presence of mould was discovered but was found to be within acceptable minimums with no risk to staff or students. Additionally, tests for CO2 levels in the classrooms were also found to be within acceptable levels. The Ministry of Labour was also contacted by the Board to provide an assessment of whether or not the air quality in the building was safe. Preliminary assessment by the Ministry of Labour concurred with Gerhard Technical Services that the building was safe and that there was no danger to staff and students but the Ministry recommended further monitoring be undertaken.

On September 18th and 19th, at the request of the Board a qualified hygienist and a technician from Occupational Health and Safety for Ontario Workers will undertake further testing to address the mould and CO2 levels in the school. The Board will review the results of the tests with parents and staff at the school and will undertake measures to correct the mould and CO2 levels in accordance with the directives from the Ministry of Labour.

In their address to parents and staff, representatives from the Board indicated that the Board has already undertaken remedial action to immediately address the problems that were identified by the Ministry of Labour. In addition the Board is installing a new ventilation system in St. John School.



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