Cardinals Share Their 'Goodness' with the Sudbury Food Bank

Principal Patty Mardero, along with students Katie McDowell, Danielle Provencher, Andrea Batistuzzi, David Di Brina with Q92 host/Sudbury Food Bank Board Member Mellaney Dahl and Jim Szilva who started the annual food drive at the school more than twenty years ago.

October 22, 2012 - The line ‘Teach me goodness’ is an integral part of the St. Charles College motto. This week, the students at the school learned about goodness and shared the fruits of their labour.

The secondary school students, coupled with children in the feeder schools canvassed together for the largest school food drive in the city. The goal was to raise 60 000 cans for the Sudbury Food Bank and the Cardinals surpassed that goal with a new all-time total of 125 080 cans. This is the single biggest contribution in history to the Sudbury Food Bank.

The secondary school has hosted a food drive for twenty-seven years. It is supported by students at St. Bernadette, St. Raphael, Pius XII, St. Andrew, St. David and St Paul and St. John.



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