St. John School Wins Gold in Nesbitt Challenge!

March 28, 2014 - With an intense effort from grade 7 & 8 students, the St. John Catholic Elementary School's very first ice-hockey team took home the cup in the 2nd Annual Nesbitt Challenge. The team competed againstt 9 other teams across the Greater City of Sudbury and won 1st in the finals againstt the Lively Hawks with a score of 5-3. Coaches, Mr. Stargratt, Mrs. Vaillancourt, Mr. Gobbo, and Mr. Benoit were honoured to coach such a remarkable group of students and are immensely proud of the dedication and sportsmanship demonstrated by all of their players. (Players shown include: Tommy Vlahos, Evan Lamarche, Sarah Cloutheir, Chris Benoit, Brandon Labre, Carter Gosselin, Shaylene Peltier-Restoule, Griffin Simpson, Braedan Gobbo, Shane Poitras, Kasey Faught, Austin Hallett, Ethan Lavallee, and Drew Patrick)



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