* Please note that this list may combine current and previous school year staff until the first or second week of September. If clarification is required please contact the school.
Tricia Dowdall-Cirelli Principal
Laura Owens Secretary
Toni Kritz-Roque Grade 2
Jennifer Cormier Grade 3
Gregory Huneault Grade 4
Jessica Filice Grade 4 & 5
Brigitte Massimiliano Grade 5
Jennifer Laundry Grade 8
Stephanie Posso Grade 8
Sadie Thomson Early Child Ed.
Triina Marcotte-Zito FDK to Grade 1
Eric Miron Music
Amy Flowerday Resource
Tania Vaillancourt Resource
Cori Walker Resource
Amanda St.Martin Grade 1 & 2
Maurice Martin Grade 2 & 3
Lisa Lauzon Grade 4 & 5
Melissa Vocaturo-Galipeau Grade 5 & 6
Jessica Michaud Early Child Ed.
Audrey Quesnel Full Day Kinderg
Chantal Gionet Prep Time
Melinda Charbonneau Educational Assistant
Ivan Lebo Custodian
Susan Hurd Cleaner
Margaret Baker Lunch Room Supervisor
Helen Benoit Lunch Room Supervisor
Patricia Burrell Lunch Room Supervisor
Sue Kulyski Lunch Room Supervisor
Juanita Labre Lunch Room Supervisor
Carolyn Renaud Lunch Room Supervisor

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